International Sport Kite Compulsories Book (ISKCB)


The IRBC (a coming together of the AKA, JSKA and STACK) competition figures have now taken over from the old STACK figures as being what we should all be flying from now on. These are the animated versions of the static diagrams taken from the ISK Compulsory Book. The animations allow you turn both the grid and figure lines on and off. This can give flyers an idea of how the figures look when seen against a clear sky (how the judges will view them).

The animations are produced in Flash. In order to view them you will need the Flash plug-in (version 4 or better). As of 9 April 2013 if your browser isn’t capable of viewing Flash animations you should see an HTML5 animation instead. These don't have the ability to turn off the grid or figure lines. If you’re viewing on a phone the animations will only look good if you turn your phone horizontally.

The figures have been updated to meet ISKCB v2.2.1 (5 December 2011). Because I was asked to keep the obsolete figures online I haven’t updated my numbering of the figures, so go by the name not the number. The dual-line team figures now include animations for 3, 4 and 5 person teams.

Rule Changes

Version 2.2 – 6 August 2009

  1. Eliminated description of key components and added broad description of scoring III.A.
  2. Combined prior “Critical Components” and “Other Components” into an aggregate heading, “Judges will Particularly Consider,” for all figures. No changes to these components were made other than re-labeling.

Version 2.2.1 – 5 December 2011

  1. Amendments to figure diagrams DT04 and DT16 (removal of speed control elements previously integral to lines of entry and exit).
  2. Amendment of “Judges Will Particularly Consider” notations to coincide with the above.

Version 3.0 – 1 April 2017

  1. Minor amendments to text for clarification
  2. Additional Definition: Synchronicity
  3. Figures removed to Obsolete List (DT14, DT15, MP05, MI18)
  4. Additional figures (DI20, DP19, DT17, MI23, MI24, MI25, MI27, MI28, MI29, MI30, MI31, MI32, MI33, MI34, MI35, MI36, MI37, MP14, MT12)
  5. Change of entry and exit points in figure MI03 and MI13

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to add any new animations in order to meet the v3.0 update to the figures that was published in April 2017. You should make sure that you have the latest ISK Rulebook and Compulsories list which you can dowload in PDF format here.

Dual-line Individual

DI-01 - Rectangle (obsolete)
DI-02 - Circle
DI-03 - Circle Over Diamond
DI-04 - Launch, Circle and Land (obsolete)
DI-05 - Lap and Snap
DI-06 - Axels (obsolete)
DI-07 - Jump
DI-08 - Pyramid
DI-09 - Octagon
DI-10 - Steps Down (obsolete)
DI-11 - Split Figure Eight
DI-12 - Stops
DI-13 - Steps
DI-14 - Register
DI-15 - LSI
DI-16 - Two Squares and Stalls
DI-17 - Wedge
DI-18 - Square Cuts
DI-19 - Launch, Circle and Land 2P

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Dual-line Pairs

DP-01 - Pair Rectangle (obsolete)
DP-02 - Pair Circle (obsolete)
DP-03 - Pair Circle Over Diamond
DP-04 - Pair Launch, Circle and Land (obsolete)
DP-05 - The Wig-wams (obsolete)
DP-06 - Inverted Eight with Landing
DP-07 - H
DP-08 - Twist
DP-09 - The Cliff
DP-10 - Split Pair Square (obsolete)
DP-11 - Meet Again
DP-12 - Pair Stops
DP-13 - Two Half Circles (obsolete)
DP-14 - Two Squares
DP-15 - Thread and Roll
DP-16 - Pair Square Cuts and Land
DP-17 - Pair Jump with Rolls
DP-18 - Launch, Circle and Land 2P

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Dual-line Team

DT-01 - Team Rectangle (obsolete)
DT-02 - Pick-up Sticks
DT-03 - Follow, Flank Up and Square
DT-04 - Team Hairpin
DT-05 - Arch de Triomph
DT-06 - Inverted Eight with Landing (obsolete)
DT-07 - Sorted Rectangle
DT-08 - The Basket
DT-09 - Spiderweb (obsolete)
DT-10 - Team Diamonds
DT-11 - Cascade
DT-12 - Loops and Vertical Threads
DT-13 - Spin Drop (obsolete)
DT-14 - Have Fun (obsolete)
DT-15 - Solaris (obsolete)
DT-16 - Team Square Cuts

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Multi-line Individual

MI-01 - Circle (obsolete)
MI-02 - Ladder Up
MI-03 - Steps and Turns
MI-04 - Two Down
MI-05 - Swing (obsolete)
MI-06 - Peak
MI-07 - Arc Circle
MI-08 - Camel Back
MI-09 - Clock Tower
MI-10 - Crystal Ball (obsolete)
MI-11 - Tip Pivots (obsolete)
MI-12 - Martini Glass (obsolete)
MI-13 - Z Pass
MI-14 - Pass with Upward Slide (obsolete)
MI-15 - Pivots
MI-16 - Lollypop
MI-17 - Reverse Octagon
MI-18 - Roman Ten (obsolete)
MI-19 - Bumps
MI-20 - Lift
MI-21 - Diamond
MI-22 - The Felix

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Multi-line Pairs

MP-01 - Qisses
MP-02 - Tandem
MP-03 - Quadouble-S
MP-04 - Two Down
MP-05 - Sticky Wicket (obsolete)
MP-06 - Peaks
MP-07 - Circles and Slides
MP-08 - Double Diamonds
MP-09 - Lollypops
MP-10 - Parallel Boxes
MP-11 - Triangle Split
MP-12 - Split Square
MP-13 - Pair Pivots

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Multi-line Team

MT-01 - Cascade
MT-02 - Follow, Slide, Roll
MT-03 - Vertical Thread and Rotate
MT-04 - Rainbow Slide
MT-05 - Two Down
MT-06 - Steps and Turns
MT-07 - Arch du Carousel
MT-08 - Pivots
MT-09 - The Basket
MT-10 - Spiderweb (obsolete)
MT-11 - Solaris

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Please note that this is not an official IRBC site and that the basic diagrams remain the copyright of the IRBC. The figures have been checked, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. The full rulebooks (all downloadable in PDF format) and the original static diagrams can all be seen at the WSKC or the AKA websites.