Based in Clapham in South London (SW4) and Wadebridge in Cornwall, ReedDesign is a specialist website design company supplying either design services or consultancy to agencies and end users.

Roy Reed

Roy Reed

Roy Reed made his first website in 1995 and since 1997 he has worked as a website designer and photographer. His skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and 360° panoramic imagery. This site uses all of these technologies. You can see some of the websites he has designed or produced by clicking on the Web Design link.

Before becoming a website designer, Reed had over 25 year’s experience as a photographer, multi-media designer and producer. For much of this time he specialised in making and installing programmes for museums and exhibitions. His programmes and installations (many of which won awards) have included most of the audio visual media. Click on the AV Design link to see some examples of his past work.

Reed is a graduate in photography from the London College of Printing. He is also a passionate kite flyer and you can read news and updates about kite flying and web design on his blog.

If you want to get in touch you can e-mail
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