This page is a frequently updated list of websites I've found to be interesting or useful or pages I've created that don't fit anywhere else. The categories will obviously reflect my interests but I hope that you will find them useful too.


  Utagawa Hiroshige

People on a Bridge Surprised by Rain (from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo).

  Katsushika Hokusai

The Three Whites (from the series One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji).

  Okumura Masanobu

From The Dawn of the Floating World, a recent exhibition at the Royal Academy.

  I Have a Dream

The words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1929-1968) – possibly the greatest speech ever made.

  The Wilton Diptych

One of the treasures of the National Gallery.

  Painted Church

Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church.

  Blue Plaques

This used to be a map showing all of the English Heritage London Blue Plaques, but after Google changed how their mapping works for the third time, I give up.

  No War

In London on 15 February 2003 two million people showed the world how they felt about a war with Iraq.

  Nuclear Proliferation

How many nuclear bombs do you think have ever been exploded - 50, 100, 200?


  London Ghostsigns Map

A map showing the location of London’s ghostsigns – the fading remains of old painted advertising signs.

  Ghostsigns Re-imagined

Some graphic reconstructions to show how a few Clapham ghostsigns might once have looked.

  The Ghostsigns Website

The website of Sam Roberts – fount of knowledge on all things ghostsign.


  Benson Kites

Simply the best.

  The Highwaymen

Kites and parts by mail order. If you want it, they've got it.

  Kite Calendar

Listings for all UK and many European kites festivals.

  Fractured Axel Forum

The busiest of the UK based kite forums.

  World Sport Kite Championships

Sport Team and Competitive Kiting's UK website.

  Streatham Common Kite Day

London's only kite festival.


Live wind and weather data.



A bit of fun from some cigarette cards from the 1930s (now using HTML5 or Flash).

  The Periodic Table

The periodic table constructed in HTML and CSS3.

Useful Web Stuff


A CSS and HTML text editor, originally made by Nick Bradbury (the creator of HomeSite) updated and improved by Stefan van As – now unfortunately discontinued.


Clean the spam from your email without having to see it first. Now available for Mac OSX and various flavours of Linux as well.

  Project VII

Some of the best Dreamweaver extensions available.


The premier javascript effects library and world’s best lightbox clone. (Used on this site and many of the sites I’ve produced.)


The best FTP programme for the PC (and now for the Mac, too).

 Pantone to RGB

Due to legal reasons, my conversion tables from Pantone® to RGB are no longer available.


My own test card to help you set up your monitor correctly.

  Points to Pixels

Points to pixels (and ems and %) conversion table.

  Web Fonts

The fonts that you can expect most people to have on their PCs (and most Macs).

  Character Entities

HTML character entities

  Windows Alt Codes

The Alt key combinations to get the characters – there’s also a link to a PDF of Windows Alt codes to create some of them.

  Named Colours

HTML named colours that are consistent across all modern browsers.


  Privacy Policy

Sets out how ReedDesign uses and protects any information that you give us when you use this website.