Kite Tricks

Kite trick diagram

Trick flying is all the rage in the kite world. A while ago I started to create an animated Kite Tricks dictionary to show the tricks as defined by Tricks Party – the body who control the competition aspect of trick flying. You can see them by clicking on the links in the table below.

As of April 2011 Tricks Party Europe have reassigned the tricks to just four groups of difficulty (from the previous five). I’ve updated these pages to reflect this and added a table to show the full list of tricks and their score tariff.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
0-3-6-9 0-4-8-12 0-5-10-15 0-6-12-18
  • Reversed Cointoss (new)
  • Multi Slot
  • Double Axel
  • Multi Yoyo (new)
  • 540 Mutex (new)
  • Cascade Comete (new)
  • Crazy Copter
  • Cynique
  • YoFade
  • Ladole
  • YoFade Backspin (new)

The Dead Launch is no longer listed as a TP trick, but you can still see it by following the link.

Thanks to Ron Graziano of Tricks Party USA for allowing me to add the US Tricks Party Definitions of the tricks to these animations. These descriptions are from the 26 June 2007 revision. Unfortunately TPUSA ceased operating in October 2008.

Here’s an animation of a sequence of tricks to music that was originally made to show what could be done for a 30 second set in the UK Trick Out competition.

12 April 2013: The animations have been updated to play in browsers that do not support Flash. This should include both iPhones and iPads.

Please send any feedback on these animations to .

All of these animations use a model of a Benson Phantom Elite. Please don't tell me that a Phantom can't do some of these tricks. I know. Just think of it as a cypher for all kites.