Jersey Museum

As part of the new extension to the Jersey Museum in 1992 Roy Reed produced a wide screen slide programme which introduces the visitor to the history of the island by featuring some of the objects from the museum's collection.

"Jersey, a Place in History" - Iron Age Skeleton

The resulting “Jersey, a Place in History” is a compact tour of the island’s physical and cultural landscape that ranges from Stone Age settlements to computerised banking.

Reed produced and photographed the programme as well as designing and specifying a purpose-built, multi-image theatre with multi-language, stereophonic sound.

The Jersey Museum was the winner of the British Guild of Tourist Writers ‘Silver Otter’ Award for Best New Visitor Attraction in the British Isles, 1992 and the National Heritage IBM Museum of the Year, 1993.

Jersey Maritime Museum

For the Maritime Museum Reed designed and produced a number of the audio visual exhibits.

Tidal Time Lapse video installation

Clicking on the large television in the picture above will run a video of the La Rocque time lapse sequence. Clicking on the smaller one will run the Gorey Harbour video. Clicking anywhere else in the image will run the Corbiere video. These movies are about 14MB each.

These included time-lapse filming of the island’s extraordinary tides, creating a computer graphic model of the tides and currents that flow around the Channel Islands and producing a number of soundtracks which accompany many of the exhibits, including the large animated globe.

Voyages Globe

The Voyages Globe is a three metre high, animated sculpture which depicts four voyages that were made by sailors from Jersey during the nineteenth century. Reed produced the soundtracks that accompany the globe. Based on original log books, letters and journals, these stories tell of fires and storms, cruel captains and mutinies, the sighting of comets and the ravages of scurvy.

The Jersey Maritime Museum was the winner of the National Heritage NPI Museum of the Year award 1998-99.