Kite Colourizers

If you want to save the colour-scheme you’ve created press Alt+PrtScr, which will copy an image of your browser window to the clipboard which you can then paste into your favourite image editing programme (or even Windows Paint). The Mac equivalent is Command+Shift+4.

The colourizers should now detect whether or not your browser uses Flash and if not, give you an HTML5 version.

Have fun playing colouring-in.

Exile Colourizer Blue Moon Exile (pattern 1)
Exile 2 Colourizer Blue Moon Exile (pattern 2)
Cosmic TC Colourizer Cosmic TC
Cosmic Vented Colourizer Cosmic Vented
Deep Space Colourizer Benson Deep Space
Gemini Colourizer Benson Gemini
Akuji Colourizer Soyokaze Akuji
Akuji Vented Colourizer Soyokaze Akuji Vented
Machine Colourizer Ron Graziano, The Machine
Synthesis Colourizer Synthesis

There have been reports that these colours will be discontinued from the Icarex standard range.

Check with your supplier before ordering.