London Ghostsigns Map

This map shows the location of over 650 London ghostsigns – the fading remains of old painted advertising signs. You can read more about ghostsigns here.

The red markers show the ghostsigns I’ve photographed, the green markers are those I still have to do and the blue markers are for ghostsigns that no longer exist.

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If you click on a marker, a panel will open with information for some of the ghostsigns. If it shows a photo then clicking on this will show the full image (some ghostsigns have more than one photo).

Some of the green markers show images that I’ve linked to from posts on Twitter. I mistakenly thought that these images would link back to the original Twitter post, but Google has grabbed the images and doesn’t give a back-link. My apologies to anyone whose images I’ve inadvertently used without a credit. They will eventually be replaced as I photograph more of the signs myself. The majority of these images are by Alistair Macmenemey – a great ghostsign spotter. My thanks to him.

If you see any new ghostsigns that you think should be added to the map then tag me on Twitter with a location for the sign (as accurate as possible please) and maybe a photo as well.

As part of my research into the history of ghostsigns I've also been working on some graphic reconstructions to show how they might once have looked. You can see some examples on my blog.

You can see my full collection of ghostsign photos in this album on Flickr.