Kite Tricks


Group 3


The Comet is a tumbling trick in which the kite rotates in a single direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). In each rotation, the kite passes through roughly four positions: (1) belly down, nose away (flare); (2) nose pointing down and slightly to one side (approximately 7:00 for clockwise rotation, 5:00 for counterclockwise); (3) belly up, nose away (Turtle); (4) nose pointing left or right (approximately 3:00 for clockwise rotation, 9:00 for counterclockwise). This series of four positions constitutes one rotation. The method and direction of entry and exit do not matter.

Note: In reality the kite would (probably) lose altitude while performing this trick. In order to simplify the animation I haven't shown that here.

Key Elements

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