Key Elements

IN is called when at least two kites are flying downwards at <90, before Kite 1 reaches ^80. Each kite makes a 90° turn into a horizontal flying path, Kite 1 at least at ^80, and the last kite not heigher than ^15 (n.b. for either a three, five or six person team, the last kite will fly at ^15). All kites should reach >10 at the same time. At approximately >22 Kite 1 turns into a vertical dive. When it reaches the same height as Kite 2, Kite 2 makes also a sharp 90° turn downwards, followed in the same way by all of the other kites. At ^10 all of the kites simultaneously make half a spin. The last kite should be at approximately >90. OUT is called when all kites perform a two point landing.

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