Key Elements

IN is called when both kites are flying on a horizontal line at ^40, spaced about 35% apart. The first loop of the last kite is made with its centre at <40^25, with a diameter of approximately 30%. After the loops the kites continue on the same horizontal line, at the end of which a second loop (of 540°) is flown, with the centre of Kite 1's loop at >75^25. The kites fly to the left on a line that 'touches' the bottom points of the loops. After about 65% horizontal flight the kites are turned in an upright position, and perform a side slide along the same horizontal line. This is done for at least 30%. OUT is called when Kite 1 has reached <90^10, after the kites have turned into their 'normal' position and flown another 25% horizontally.

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