Key Elements

IN is called when the kites are flying horizontally at ^40, Kite 2 at <80 and the kites about 20% apart. As the kites reach 0^40 they perform one loop with a diameter of 20% (Kite 2 following Kite 1). After the loop the kites fly towards the right of the window at ^40. On reaching >70^40 Kite 1 curves downward (diameter 25%), and Kite 2 curves upwards. Speed control is used during curves so that both kites start their horizontal flight to the left at the same time, Kite 1 at ^15 and Kite 2 at ^65. At the centre of the window both kites fly a loop, again with a diameter of 20%. OUT is called when both kites reach <80.

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