Kite Making

A children’s bible club in Puerto Rico sent me a nice email and video slideshow of the fun they had making the sled kite on my website.

This is probably the nicest ‘thank you’ I’ve ever had. Enjoy!

Dear Mr Reed,

Hello! We are Paula and Nestor from Puerto Rico. We wanted to share with you all the beautiful experience we had using your "Make Your Own Kite" ideas. Nestor is the scientist/architect; I am Paula the artist. We have a children's Bible Club every Saturday here in Caguas, Puerto Rico. We started a contest back in March encouraging the children to come to club consistently for 6 weeks and we would work on the kites each week. To be honest, I had my wonders of whether they would really fly or not, but Nestor kept reassuring me that they would. The children used brown wrapping paper - that which one uses to send packages by mail.

The big kite flying day finally arrived with all the kites painted, stringed and tailed. The previous days were days filled with much rain, we prayed earnestly asking the Lord to allow us to have a sunny day for kite flying. We arrived to San Juan, where the island comes to a peak; ocean on each side so therefore there is quite a breeze. The roads and grass were soaking wet as if a good shower had just passed, but the sun was shining brightly. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful sunny day - looking across the canal just about five miles there were such rain clouds and one could see it was raining fiercely there - how God is so awesome! The children have mentioned how God had answered our prayers on that day!

So we wanted to thank you for the part you played in having the kite making ideas on the website and also wanted to shares a few of our pictures with you. Please do receive this note with our gratitude.

God bless,

Paula and Nestor

I hope you have as good a time making and flying kites as they did.

Make Your Own Kite