Truro Cathedral

While my car was being serviced during a recent trip to Cornwall I took the opportunity to do the photography for a 360° panoramic tour of Truro Cathedral. The cathedral has a policy of allowing photography, but ask for a fee of £5 to use a tripod – which seems very reasonable to me. I made six panoramas for the tour, the west front, the nave, crossing, chancel, St Mary’s aisle and the All Saints chapel behind the high altar.

Truro Cathedral

I also took some photos of the amazing reredos. It was designed by J L Pearson (the cathedral architect) and sculpted by Nathaniel Hitch in Bath stone.

Click on the images to see them larger.

It’s a shame that the choir was roped off as I’d loved to have seen and photographed some of the wood carving of Violet Pinwill.

On the same trip I also made 360° panoramas of the parish churches at Temple, North Hill, South Hill and Upton Cross.

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