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Medieval Wall Painting
in the
English Parish Church

Haddiscoe, Norfolk (†Norwich) Late C.14/early C.15

St Christopher

St Christopher, Haddiscoe

All that remains of a fine example particularly remarkable for the detailed painting of the Christ Child’s orb of the world (compare Edingthorpe) This is divided into three sections signifying the earth, the waters under the earth, and ‘the waters that are above the firmament’ of Genesis, with tiny trees and wavy patterns arranged to represent the various elements. These are still visible in the original, and something of them can be made out even here.

The suggestion of headgear beneath the Child’s halo is probably illusory – HC Whaite’s collotype engraving, made around 1920, simply suggests fairly long hair, as is normal.

The only other painting remaining at Haddiscoe is a Three Living & Three Dead, but it is reduced to a few fragments only.

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