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Medieval Wall Painting
in the
English Parish Church

Fritton*, Norfolk (†Norwich)  C.14

St Christopher

*[near Great Yarmouth – there are 2 villages called Fritton in Norfolk]

St Christopher, Fritton, Norfolk

As is usual with earlier paintings of St Christopher, this has little in the way of contextual scenes from the Saint’s life, but compared to some more elaborate versions, there is a gently attractive simplicity here.

Christopher’s tight-fitting tunic has a pattern of stems and leaves in green on blue still faintly visible in the original. His hat, with soft crown and upturned brim, is interesting too, as is his very plain staff, which shows no sign of the sprouting vegetation mentioned in the Golden Legend story and usually included by later painters.

There is ‘peacock’s eye’ and other diaper patterning in the background. An elegant scrollwork frame, very typical of 14th century work and best seen here running down the left-hand side, surrounded the painting.

The 12th century paintings of the Martyrdom of St Edmund and associated subjects in the apse at Fritton are now on the site.

† in page heading = Diocese