20 Years in Web Design

This is the home page when we closed the business, but it looked pretty much the same at the beginning.LinkedIn has just reminded me that it’s 18 years since I’ve been working as a freelance website designer. And that reminded me that it’s 20 years since I made my first website – for the audio visual production company that I had at that time with my business partner Darryl Johnson. I can remember having loads of fun getting my head around table layouts and frames and probably loads of other things that would be anathema to web standards today. The first browser I used would have been Mosaic, but Netscape came along in 1994 and that’s the one I was using when I made the website in 1995. It’s quite amazing how far the web has come in just those few years.

2 Responses to “20 Years in Web Design”

  1. Liz Gooster Says:

    Well done on your business milestone Roy. And you must have seen massive changes in ‘web stuff’ over the last 18-20 years!

  2. RoyReed Says:

    Massive changes indeed. It’ll be interesting to look back in another twenty years (if I should be so lucky). One day someone will write a history of all this.