Ghostsigns of Clapham

Ghostsigns are the old advertisments that were painted directly onto the brick on the sides of buildings. They are gradually fading away, although occasionally a new one is revealed when a modern poster site is removed for maintenance. Clapham is one of the best areas of London to see them.

Click on the photos to see them larger.

You can find out more about ghostsigns at the Ghostsigns website and at Painted Signs and Mosaics. and see more of my photos of them on Flickr.

Edit – 26/04/2017: I recently noticed two ghostsigns I hadn’t seen before on Lavender Hill. I’ve added them to the gallery. One is easily readable, but I can’t make out anything at all on the last one, although you can see that once there were six separate panels.

Also, the TV, Audio, Video Repair sign has been painted over and is gone for good.

One Response to “Ghostsigns of Clapham”

  1. Rob Smith Says:

    Hey Roy

    Great photography here, I love spotting these fading memories as I travel around London and other cities, really evocative! It’s great to know I’m no alone in this fetish!

    Hope you’re doing well,