Ghost Signs – A London Story

Over the last six months I’ve been working with Sam (Mr Ghostsigns) Roberts on producing a book documenting London’s Ghost Signs. The project has now gone live on Kickstarter where we are hoping to raise enough money to get the book printed and published with the help of Isola Press.

Sam has done all of the writing, most of the photography is mine and we’ve shared the research. The book will feature about 250 of London’s ghost signs and we think it will be the most comprehensive book on ghost signs ever published.

The book will be accompanied by a detailed online map, locating all the signs featured and many more, with itineraries for those wanting to venture out and discover the signs in person.

The Kickstarter offers various reward options, including a set of postcards and A3 and A4 prints of some of the signs. We’re hoping to get the book printed in time for Christmas.

Kickstarter - project we love

Edit 18/07/2021: The Kickstarter has now finished, but you can pre-order the book via Isola’s website.

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