UK Winter League Extra Compulsories

Andrew Phelps (National Director STACK UK) has designed some simpler figures for Dual-line Pairs and Teams, and Multi-line Individuals for the UK Winter Leagues. Most are designed to encourage novice competitors to have a go.

DP17 is designed by Allan Pothecary.

Dual-line Pairs

DP-13-UK - Parallel Rolls
DP-14-UK - Staggered Roll
DP-15-UK - Thread and Roll
DP-16-UK - Spin Drop
DP-17-UK - Follow, Circles and Follow

Dual-line Team

DT-13-UK - Team Infinity
DT-14-UK - Ladder Up
DT-16-UK - Spin Drop

Multi-line Individual

MI-13-UK - Ladder Up with Stops
MI-14-UK - Pass with Upward Slide
MI-16-UK - Z Pass

Multi-line Pairs

MP-13-UK - Ladder Up with Stops
MP-14-UK - Parallel Rolls
MP-15-UK - Slideback Thread

These figures are extra to the ISKCB figures which would normally be set for more experienced flyers.